Get Organized for 2022 Now!

I wanted to share with you a life hack that I've used for decades.  Life is complicated, and every year has new things that come up.  This is how I make sure I have all of my documents in order when it comes time to do my taxes.  I make an envelop for the year and I hang it on the wall near my desk.  I add to the list if there's a job change, or if I take on an extra income gig that might generate a 1099. I also add receipts for things I might use if I itemize my deductions, or any 1098s I expect to receive for deductible interest like student loans or mortgage.  Remember, there are some things that can be deducted from your income even if you go with the standard deduction.  As things come in, I throw them in the envelop, and check them off the list.  That's how I know I've gathered all of my documents, and since they are all in the envelop I don't have to hunt them down when I'm ready to do my taxes. 

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