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What you need to know about the Economic Stimulus Package

Ok I'm making this post, more like thread, a place for you to get information on what to expect in the coming months regarding the Economic Stimulus package.  It's a very complicated procedure to issue stimulus checks to every taxpaying american citizen.  That said, don't expect a check to come super quickly.  As the powers that be figure out how and when all of this will go down, I will try to supply you with the relevant information. First, this is to give you an idea of what to expect as of right now....


Contact me to get started: Welcome!  My name is Jennifer McCracken, and I have been working in Accounting and Tax Preparation since 1989.  I participate in the IRS's annual preferred preparer program that requires tax preparers to keep up with the latest changes to the tax code just like CPAs and EAs have to do.  The only difference is that I didn't get a masters degree, or sit for a long test.  I work from my home office in order to keep my fees affordable and competitive. If you dread dealing with the IRS, and want a tax preparer that dislikes them just as much, or maybe more, I'm your girl.  My goal as a preparer is to capitalize on every credit/deduction that I can legally get for my clients.  I don't want my clients to pay the government any more than is absolutely necessary. I try to keep the process easy and convenient.  In compliance with the IRS codes, I use secure servers to exchange documents.  I have a quick tutorial on using M

How to use MyTaxPortal...

This post is for anyone who is confused, or unsure how to use MyTaxPortal to securely communicate, and upload documents to me.  Don't worry, if this doesn't work for you, I have other ways... Invitation to join MyTaxPortal: How to review your return: How to sign your return: