It's THAT time again!

 Tax Time is here!  To help you get yourself ready, here is a checklist of the things I will need to complete your tax return....

  • Copies of your and your spouse’s ID - drivers license

  • Social security numbers for everyone in your household that you plan to list on your tax return.

  • All W-2 statements

  • All 1099 statements received.  May be 1099NEC, 1099Misc, 1099R, 1099SSA

  • Any 1098 statements received, ie mortgage interest statements, student loan interest

  • Any financial (cash/check) charitable contributions made. 

  • If you have 1099NEC or own a small business that does not require a separate tax return….

    • A list of income and expenses for the entire year

    • A list of the value of any assets belonging to the business (furniture/equipment/cash on hand at the end of the year)

    • If you use your vehicle for work, a mileage chart along with the year, make, model, and date the vehicle was put in service.

    • If you purchased health insurance, the amount you paid for the year (year end statement or form 1095)

    • If you use a home office, the square footage of the inside of your home and the square footage of the office space.

  • A list of any payments you made to the IRS for estimated taxes, if you any.

  • Your banking information for your payment/refund. Routing & Account # and whether it is checking or savings acct.

  • If this is your first year with me, a copy of last year’s tax return.

You may get these documents to me by uploading them to your MyTaxPortal account, you may send them to my encrypted email, hand-deliver, or postal service.  

While I am actively working on your tax return, if I have any additional questions, or need any additional documents, I will get in touch with you via text or email.

When your tax return is complete, I will send you a copy for review along with a signature request for filing, and an invoice.  If everything looks correct, you may sign the form and send it back for electronic filing. Once payment is received, I will file your return.  

When the IRS accepts your return, I will send you a complete filed copy of your tax return along with confirmation from the IRS that it was accepted.

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